I'm Jonathan, a creative designer with an eye for detail, especially ones that make the difference.
I have an open mindset, thanks to that I never stop developing my skills. I get inspired by the latest trends, but always add my own color to it.

About Me

HI, I'm Jonathan,

I am a fresh graduate in graphic and multimedia design from MJM Graphic Design Paris. I have many different experiences in the design and web industries. I have been working for four years doing freelance work, for instance, I have been part of a web start-up, worked in a small event agency that specialized in extreme sports doing a multitude of different jobs and took a position as a creative director associate in a global communication agency. In the agency I was in charge of all the interactive creation. These experiences give a small taste of what kind of work I can do and what I am capable of.

I am able to do a multitude of different jobs such as branding, print and web-works but my passion really lies within web and interactive design. I love to create interaction between brands and users and focus on the small details that will enhance the users experience. However, I am very comfortable with branding, print and front-end development work.

As mentioned earlier I recently graduated from MJM; however, I am mostly a self-taught designer. I started putting my hands into designing at the age of 15 when I was studying in a military boarding school. I never stopped learning by myself, today I continue to improve my skills by learning the latest web technologies just to understand the possibility they offer.

Enough talk about work. I love many different things but most important to me is photography (I never move somewhere without my canon 40D) and extreme sports! I am very fond of aggressive inline skating and kitesurfing, but I never refuse a little session of surfing or SUP nor wakeboard. I also like video games, baseball, hiking, tweeting and blogging.

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